Healthy Vending Machine Products

Australia needs it and we are providing it—the healthiest choice of snacks in the town, and that too with the convenience of a vending machine. With our wide range of healthy vending machine products, we will be providing you with the exact mix that you are looking for. From healthy snacks, healthy drinks to entrees and sides, we have got them covered. We have 1000+ healthy snacks that make our vending machines services the best in Australia. Based on the product choices of each location, we get our customers the healthy snacks that they want. But we aren’t stopping. Every week, new products and new healthy vending machines are installed across Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

Is there a new healthy snack in the market? Look nowhere else, because we constantly update our snacks menu. So you can easily rush to the nearest Ausbox vending machine and get the healthiest snacks for yourself. What else? You will get all these products at the lowest prices, and we bet that! Ausbox vending gets its products from the largest and the most efficient distributors in Australia, so the prices you get are unbeatable.

We don’t markup our services as other companies do, and that’s why we are the cheapest vending machine providers in Australia. Buying from Ausbox is just like buying directly from the seller. It’s that simple.

With our list of healthy snacks and drinks, you will be amazed.

Healthy Snacks

Australia’s vast populating is reverting to healthy snacking, and therefore, we have added tons of products from many natural companies, extending product choices for our customers.

Healthy Drinks

Cold drinks are high in sugar and calories and one major reason for obesity. Switch to water and non-carbonated juices for your healthy choices of drinks. We also have selective carbonated drinks with a balanced amount of sugars.

Healthy Entrees and Sides

Do you need more than just crisps and juice to feed your hunger at the office? Our vending machine services also have a number of healthy side dishes/entrees. Product manufacturers have realised that importance of healthy eating and this has led to lots of new products entering the market.

Our equipment

We provide the largest range of vending machines in Australia that range from snacks, drinks, lolly and nut, popcorn, hot nut and a lot more. We also provide NFC vending machines to make your purchases even quicker and more convenient.

We provide free healthy vending machines

No upright payments, no fuss, no contracts, it’s that simple! We provide free vending machines in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin for small, medium and large size companies with 30+ employees. With Ausbox, you will get:

  • The largest variety of healthy snacks
  • Free use of vending machines
  • Free refill, maintenance and service
  • Free delivery and installation
  • You only pay for what you consume

Do you any questions? Give us a call anytime and we will get to you in no time!



Our health and fitness focused menu is perfect for gyms and leisure centers.

Performance nutrition on the go to help your customers break PBs.



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